3D Scanning Technology

At Perth Central Dental Centre, our dentists are equipped with a range of digital dental X-rays and 3D scanning technology, including the Morita X800 CBCT Scanner and TRIOS 3D Scanner.

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), also known as cone beam radiography, is a type of x-ray beam. It’s an advanced imaging technology that captures an image by rotating around a patient’s head. The comprehensive X-rays produced using CBCT are highly detailed, surpassing traditional digital dental X-rays. CBCT is particularly useful in planning dental implant placements, allowing our dentists to visualise the bone and determine where the implant is most securely placed. The Morita X800 CBCT, in particular, produces outstanding image quality whilst ensuring comfort and safety for our patients.

Our TRIOS 3D is an intraoral scanner. This small pen-shaped camera allows you to see video footage of your mouth on-screen as the dentist walks through what is going on inside your mouth. Being able to see what your dentist helps our patients understand their mouth and follow the progress of their oral health accurately over time.


Through 3D Scanning, our dentist can capture a three-dimensional view of the mouth, jaws, neck, teeth, ears, nose, and throat with great detail. This non-invasive technology ensures maximum comfort to you whilst greatly assisting our dentists in treatment planning, diagnosing dental trauma and cavities, and conducting post-surgery evaluations. If you would like more information on how 3D scanning can benefit you and your specific treatment needs, please speak to one of our dentists at Perth Central Dental Centre.

Please phone 9222 5900, or email us at info@perthdentalcentre.com.au for more information.

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