Sleep Dentistry

Dental treatment can be very daunting for some patients.  Sometimes just the thought of visiting a dentist can make you scared.  This may have come about because of a bad dental experience in the past or you may have developed a dental phobia for an unknown reason.

We understand this at Perth Central Dental Centre, which is why we provide sleep dentistry for patients who are nervous and apprehensive about coming to see the dentist.  Dental treatment doesn’t have to be scary or daunting and it can be performed comfortably for our patients with the help of sedation and sleep dentistry.

How it works

Patients initially organise a consultation appointment with one of our friendly and gentle dentists.  At this appointment, a careful and painless examination of your teeth and gums will be done.  Radiographs and photos may be taken, if needed, to complete the comprehensive examination.  Any treatment required will then be fully explained to you and a full treatment plan and prices will be given to you.

Once you are comfortable and happy with our dentist and the proposed treatment, our friendly staff will book a sedation appointment for you.  One of our experienced Dental Sedationists will then contact you to take a medical history, explain how sleep dentistry works and go through instructions for you to follow prior to your visit.

At your visit for sleep dentistry, you will be carefully put in a deep sleep and have the dental treatment completed in 1 visit.  When you wake up, you won’t remember having the dental treatment done or any of the noise and uncomfortable things associated with the treatment.

Who Is Suitable for Sleep Dentistry

Sleep dentistry is a wonderful way of having dental treatment done and not having any recollection of it.

It is suitable for patients needing wisdom teeth extractions, multiple teeth extractions or other surgery including dental implants, for very nervous patients, for patients needing a lot of dental work done in one visit and anyone else who is apprehensive about dental treatment.

Who Is Not Suitable for Sleep Dentistry

Sleep dentistry would not be suitable for patients with extensive medical conditions, and this would be assessed by our experienced dental sedationists.  For these patients, dental sedation at the hospital can be arranged if suitable.

How Much Does It Cost?

Sleep dentistry may be much more affordable than you think.  The convenience of having all your dental work done under sedation in one visit, together with the comfort of knowing you won’t feel or remember anything afterwards make sleep dentistry the first choice for many of our patients.

Our experienced dental sedationists charge on average $550 – 990 depending on the length of sedation and the dental treatment required.  Costs may be less or more depending on the amount of dental work to be done.

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